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Bloomington, Cassville, Lancaster, Potosi and Platteville, Wisconsin
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Welcome to Martin Schwartz Funeral Homes

Martin Schwartz Funeral Homes encompasses over 126 years of family and traditions.  The Schwartz Funeral Home in Lancaster began as Goble & Son in 1882 and in 1956 was purchased by John and Margaret O’Rourke.  In 1986, the O’Rourke funeral home was purchased by Terrence A. Schwartz.  He and his partner, Gregory R. Martin, consolidated the funeral homes into Martin Schwartz Funeral Homes, in 2006. 

The Schwartz Funeral Home is the third oldest continuous business in Grant County.  Martin Schwartz Funeral Homes is dedicated to offering quality service and guidance specifically designed to meet each family’s unique funeral needs.  The care and compassion offered by Martin Schwartz Funeral Homes represents many years of thoughtfully planned traditions and services.  This tradition prides itself on assisting each individual family in creating a service that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  The success of this tradition can only be measured one family at a time.


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Funeral Home
512 Canal St
Bloomington, WI  53804
Funeral Home
313 Fredrick St
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Funeral Home
111 S Tyler St
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Schwartz Funeral Home
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